Malwarebytes updated to fix several crashes, blue screens

Malwarebytes is one of the more popular names in the world of computers, noted among the top most anti-malware programs. They can eradicate all forms of threats from your computer, no matter how advanced they may seem. The new update of Malwarebytes has included a new set of security tools. This new update combines all the features of before such as anti-malware, anti-exploit, protection against ransomware and protection for the website. This new implementation has improved the security applications’ performance by a lot. However, there have been reports of a few users facing certain issues regarding it. The most common among them are the recurring crashes and the dreaded blue screen.

Issues regarding the latest version


The previous versions of Malwarbytes caused  crashing of PC while scanning. There have been certain speculations and the company has come up with a new update.

  • If you have any problem upgrading to the new Malwarebytes from your previous Alpha or Beta version then all you need to do is uninstall the previous version. You can then reinstall the latest updated version.
  • Imaging programs sometimes cause an issue where a backup of the System Volume Information file is created. This happens when the anti-ransomware feature is enabled.
  • The latest update focuses on enhancing the software to help the Memory and CPU usage.
  • Some reports have been made that when the computer is left idle in certain cases, scanning gets stuck where it actually finished.
  • Ransomeware protection isn’t supported in the old Malwarebytes version for Windows XP/Vista.
  • When the user will try to use the software in Spanish and some other languages, he will not be able to edit or pre-schedule scanning.
  • The new scanning systems are unable to reset “Threats Quarantined” on the summary page of the scan.

Solution for avoiding crashes


  • First of all, uninstall the previous version and then reinstall the latest update of Malwarebytes on the PC. The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has the capability to pick up threat very easily. The type of Google search virus you use may have a role to play in it. But that doesn’t’ make it a good rootkit scanner although it’s otherwise a great scanner. TO fix the issues, you can always add a really good rootkit scanner alongside this software.
  • For techies and experts however there is the option of using configuration display program to locate and manually uninstall the rootkits. But this is not applicable to non-technical people. In fact this is only advisable for people with highly developed  Malwarebytes Technical Support Team in programming.

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