Malwarebytes is not working on Windows 8

When it comes to the protection of your device, you should always make sure that you are opting for the best antivirus and malware solutions. Noted among the most popular antivirus software available today, the Malwarebytes software is noted for its versatility as well as the various features which help the software to sort any kind of trouble that you may have with your system. The software is available in different versions which are suitable for android, windows as well as apple devices. However at times, the users of the windows 8 version complain about the software not working on the interface. There can be several reasons behind it. If you have a good idea about the reasons that is causing this trouble, then you can solve it easily.

Reasons behind the troubles

There can be several reasons which can lead to this kind of troubles with the software. The first and foremost reason is the compatibility issues of the software with windows 8. When the server is down you may face trouble with the installation process and that in turn can cause trouble with the software not working. The users may also have trouble that the software is not working when the software is corrupted for some reason. However, when you are able to find out the reason behind the trouble, you would be able to solve it in no time. It is important to know the core trouble to sort it quickly.

Solving the trouble

 When you are facing trouble with working with Malwarebytes software on windows 8 and recognize the reasons of the trouble, you can solve it quickly and easily. If you need help you can easily get in touch with the Malwarebytes Tech Support Number whenever you need help.

  • In case the software version is not compatible with windows 8, go to the website of the software and choose a version of the software which is likely to work with windows 8. Once you find a compatible version download and install it on your device and the software would run smoothly.
  • In case the v\trouble happened during installation of the software you can simply check the settings and whether the activation key has been used and then solve the trouble with the software. The Malwarebytes  Customer Support can easily sort your troubles whenever you ask them for help.

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