How to Unblock Chrome on Malwarebytes?

The purpose of using Malwarebytes is to attain robust as well as effective security for the computer data. It comes with advanced ranges of features and options to make it easier for the users to utilize the tool for the optimal security of their computers. It is quite accurate in judging security threats for your computer and it acts quite instantly when security threats have been detected. When you are using Google Chrome for web browsing, this antivirus tool will be vigilant on your web activities.

Malwarebytes Identifies Treats and Blocks Them


When you are browsing websites with Google Chrome, this antivirus tool may detect some possible threats. If threat is detected, Malwarebytes shall automatically block browser connection for preventing any further data security issues on your computer. Though this tool is accurate, it also makes a few mistakes in some cases. It wrongly suspects a program as threat and thus causes some glitches with Chrome browser. If you find that the blocked website or program is not malicious, you can opt for resolving the issues manually by following some simple steps.

The Process of Unblocking Chrome


Here is the guidance on the process of unblocking Google Chrome with the use of Malwarebytes. Follow the steps as mentioned below with precision to complete the process.

  • First, you need to choose “Start” button and then opt for “All Programs”
  • Click on “Malwarebytes” to open the console
  • Now, select the tab named as “Protection”
  • You may find the box is checked for “Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked”
  • Simply uncheck this box
  • Now, choose option for “Exit”
  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer
  • Find Malwarebytes icon at the right top corner of Google Chrome
  • Click on that and also click on “Add to ignore list”

Following this process with perfection will help you to accomplish the desired result with precision. Many websites or programs are often mistakenly judged as malicious by the Malwarebytes. Hence, remembering this process will help the users.

In case if you cannot complete the aforementioned process or you have having some unknown or unidentified errors during this process, you must contact the Malwarebytes Technical Support Phone Number  for this antivirus tool. At the technical support center, veteran executives are poised with excellent knowledge and technical expertise to offer the best guidance with perfection. Dial Malwarebytes Customer Support  anytime as per your requirements or convenience.

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