How to Fix Malwarebytes Real Time Protection Turned off Error?

The premium version of Malwarebytes has been used by many people for attain effective protection for the system from virus or malware. This software comes with a lot of unique ranges of features or options in offering. This is why it is considered as highly effective in providing protection against various threats, including ransomware, malware, virus, spyware, etc. Though this tool is highly effective and seamless in performance, facing some technical glitches with the tool is not uncommon. You would encounter the technical glitches quite frequently. These errors can potentially cause different kinds of problems. So, users should find ways of resolving these errors.

Real Time Protection Layer Turned off

When using this antivirus tool, you may experience error popping up with message stating that “real time protection layers are turned off”. This error may appear for the reasons that have been described below:

Basically, this antivirus tool comes with various protection layers. The error takes place when one or more of these protection layers are turned off. These layers are described at a glance for you in the following section:

  • Exploit Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Malware Protection

Despite these protection layers are turned on, Malwarebytes may show up error with protection layers whenever you start this software. This certainly indicates presence of some bugs or technical hiccups with the computer. These technical hiccups can easily be resolved with step by step troubleshooting measures.

Troubleshooting the Error

The error can be resolved with the following actions.

Step – 1

The step-1 is all about cleaning the system. You need to uninstall the software and ten reboot your system. Now, you have to download and run MBAM Clean tool. Then, reboot your computer again after cleaning is done.

Step – 2

At Step – 2, we need to download and install Malwarebytes once again to the computer. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of this software.

Step – 3

The Step – 3 is dedicated for activation of the software. For activation, you need to obtain license key which is gives to your at the time of purchasing software. Enter this key and activate the software after installing. Now, click on the Activate button and enter your license information. Click on Activate button to end the process of activation.

If you encounter any problem or error with this process, you should dial Malwarebytes Customer Service Number for help or assistance.

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