How to fix Malwarebytes anti malware error 383?

Antivirus is essential for proper functioning of your software. There are different types of features that allow the antivirus software to ensure that your device is well protected against any type of malware and other threats. Choosing the right antivirus is important to make sure that the device runs properly and its basic functions does not get hindered because of the antivirus that has been chosen. The Malwarebytes software is a popular choice because it is light weight and it is available for all kinds of virus and malware management you can possibly need.

What is error 383?

When you are trying to run a scan on your device but the loading time is much longer than usual, the error 383 messages pops up on the screen. This is a run time error which can happen due to various reasons. When the software takes much longer than average to respond to a certain command, this error message will show up. It can happen if your software is not registered and you have a pirated version. It can also happen when the network connection is slow and the server of the software interface is facing an overload of information which make it difficult to use the software properly.

Solution to the trouble

The trouble can be easily solved with the help of various onsite links and the instructions provided there. The users can:

  • Run the cleanup tool for the software and then allow it to reboot the computer when it is prompted.
  • Install the Malwarebytes software once again from the website.
  • Choose the version which you want to install on your device and if you are already a registered user and have paid for your current subscription, you will not have to pay for the subscription again.
  • Once it is downloaded you will be prompted regarding the installation of the software and you need to follow the instructions for installing it as given.

There are different ways in which you can seek this help. If you need it urgently or you are new to the software interface, getting direct help from the Malwarebytes team is a great choice. You can simply call them up at the Malwarebytes Customer Care Number who are always there for instant help. The number is the one stop solution available for help whenever you need solution to any trouble.


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